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Learning Communities at OBU

In the Fall, OBU offers Learning Communities to incoming freshmen. This is a special opportunity for 学生s who are selected 和 invited to apply. There are limited spaces available 和 this unique opportunity will give selected 学生s a chance to make connections between academic disciplines, classmates 和 教师 members in 非常独特 道路! Once you receive your invitation, you should apply as soon as possible!

What is a Learning 社区?

An LC consists of a group of 17-20 freshmen taking 3-4 courses in common. The courses may revolve around a theme or be connected to a particular major. Most learning communities
include a course called Success 101 which is a Strengths' based course designed to aid new
学生s in their transition to college.

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What are people saying about Learning Communities?

Coming into college as a freshman, I was nervous I would not know anybody in my classes 和 would have to form new relationships after 欢迎周 was over. Being in a learning community was great because right off the bat I was meeting people who were going to be in my core classes. Our small learning community became very close, 和 being a part of this wonderful group of people made transitioning to college much easier. I would strongly recommend being in a learning community to everyone coming to OBU regardless of the size of your high 学校, intended major or how prepared you feel for 学校. Everyone can benefit from being a part of one!

Cross-Cultural Ministry Major

Learning Communities facilitate the university mission of transforming lives by providing 学生s with a network of support, 鼓励, 和问责制. Because 学生s in learning communities are better connected with each other, they're more fully engaged 和 more productive in everything they do here at OBU. I think learning communities help both 学生s 和 teachers do their best work, love 和 serve others 和 live faithfully.

Dr. Charles Swadley, Associate Professor of English 和 Spanish

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